3. ¿Por qué el surtidor de combustible no puede ser puesto en marcha o se puede poner en forma intermitente?

Possible fault sources:

a.The fuel dispenser is provided with a startup time-lag function that requires that the waiting time from nozzle hanging shutdown to a next nozzle lifting startup must be greater than 3 seconds.

b.Magnetic switch works abnormally

c.Control board works abnormally

d.Mainboard works abnormally

e.AC contactor cannot be picked up or can be picked up intermittently

f.Power supply is abnormal

Recommended solutions:

a.After nozzle hanging shutdown, wait for 3 seconds, and then conduct nozzle lifting startup.

b.Replace the magnetic switch

c.Maintain or replace the control board

d.Maintain or replace the mainboard

e.Maintain or replace the AC contactor

f.Check the power supply